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I requested to join the Google Group. I'll activate it on the Play Store as soon as the request goes through.

I'd love to have Chromecast support.
I'll use it the day it becomes available!

Sounds good! In the meantime, is there any way you can securely send me the XiiaLive Pro APK so I can update my Google TV? If you PM me, I can send you my email address or Facebook link.

So, I did a lot of testing during the XiiaLive beta period by doing some APK transplants between my Galaxy Nexus and Sony Google TV Blu-Ray Disc Player (since it wasn't/isn't available in the Play Store for the Google TV), and I have found that the beta version of XiiaLive works *flawlessly* on the Google TV. (In fact, I'm listening to K-LOVE on it right now as I type this.)

My only problem is, now that the beta period is over and Android 4.1 started encrypting the APKs for paid apps, I can no longer update the application on my Google TV, so I get the "beta period is over, you should update" (paraphrased) message every time I open XiiaLive on my gTV.

Is there any way you can go ahead and enable XiiaLive for the Google TV on the Play Store?

Sure! I'm happy to help! Sorry it's been so long...

It may be a good idea to have a theme that follows the new guidelines, but not set it as default?
The Android spec mockups look very clean, straightforward, and easy to use, but the default XiiaLive theme is much cooler...
What version of Android are you using, and is it only stuttering when you have the screen off?

I had the Nexus S 4G for a year, and it was a great phone that worked very well with XiiaLive and had many awesome custom ROMs. I have a few ideas of what may be wrong, though...
Dang. I'm having this same problem, too, on both my Nexus S 4G and my new Galaxy Nexus on Sprint...
Es muy bueno! XiiaLive es una gran aplicación. Comprar la versión completa, si es posible. Realmente va a ayudar a los hermanos que hacen XiiaLive!
Did you uninstall XiiaLive Lite after buying the full version?