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Add recording feature

Butch Handy 11 year бұрын в Android / Recording updated by Roman Jay Almaza 3 year бұрын 20 2 duplicates
I searched the old posts, and see that numerous people have asked about the ability to record the broadcasts.  In a few of the posts, you replied that something new may be happening, or you had some ideas.

Well...those posts are 2 years old.  What has happened?  

I would love to use your app more if I was given the ability to record while on wifi, and then take my phone with me and listen to it on the road.  I drive about two hours a day, and that would just use up WAY too much of my data plan to use your app through my mobile data during that time.

Jona (Lead Developer) 9 year бұрын

We have wanted to have recording for the longest I admit! The main issue is not enough resources to get it done quickly. Its always been one developer, me, doing support and coding :P But... I'm already actively planning and writing code to be able to record.

It would be great to hear how you envision the recording feature to work on XiiaLive. It's one of the features I'm excited about since it covers a lot of new code and a new improved stream engine.