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Stream doesn't stop correctly after bluetooth disconnect

seanysean il y a 6 ans dans Android / Bluetooth mis à jour par Harry Hirsch il y a 5 ans 8
I use this app in the car. When I turn the engine off and remove the key, the bluetooth disconnects. I'd expect this to close the app.

Instead, it stays on my notifications as 'paused'. This caused another problem - after finishing work hours later I try to get back but with the BBC using temporary hashes on their streams this doesn't work. So I have to do a manual stop, wait a bit, then restart.

So there's a couple of requests here:

1. Have an option for closing the app completely on bluetooth disappearing.

2. Even if the station is in 'paused' state, after a short period of time reload the playlist and get the latest hash.

Thanks for a great app, far better than how TuneIn have ruined theirs with this social networking malarkey!

Jona (Lead Developer) il y a 6 ans
Ah! Ok, perfect. Thanks for clarifying this. Yes, this seems like an issue. You should be able to swipe away the notification when playback is stopped.
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Bluetooth streaming broken on latest release (3.01 on ATT SGS3)

Peter Fischer il y a 9 ans dans Bluetooth / Controls mis à jour par Jona (Lead Developer) il y a 8 ans 0

When the stream finishes buffering, I heard audio for 2-3 seconds, before the audio stream cuts out.  XiiaLive continues to play through the active stream, but no audio is heard.  On previous versions, this was fine.

The audio seems to cut out right as the stream meta data rolls across the Android notification bar.  I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the newly added AVRCP support or not, but the timing looks very suspicious.  This problem does not occur when using headphones.

Additional Information:

Samsung Galaxy S3 

Android Version 4.04 - Stock/Unrooted

XiiaLive Pro version 3.01

Vehicle Subaru Legacy 2012

Jona (Lead Developer) il y a 8 ans

Sorry for the super delayed reply! 

First let's see if possibly the new AVRCP 1.3 hack broke BT streaming.

- Turn off the Icy-metadata option under Settings->Stream and try starting a new stream. Let me know if the issue still happens. This should cause AVRCP not to be used by the app since no metadata will be active.

After that test regardless if an issue still occurs try collecting the logs right after the issue happens when streaming. This hopefully will allow me to see a possible cause.



Bluetooth AVRCP metadata not working Samsung Note 3

Jamey Sewell il y a 8 ans dans Bluetooth / AVRCP mis à jour par Jona (Lead Developer) il y a 7 ans 29
I use to be able to see Art, Song, and Artist information on my MyLink screen Chevy Equinox 2013 when using Droid Bionic (Jelly Bean). I recently switched to Samsung Note 3 and now the information doesn't show anymore. Please help

Jona (Lead Developer) il y a 8 ans

To summarize this post:

Previous release of XiiaLive we decided to disable the Bluetooth AVRCP metadata "HACK" for Android versions 4.3 and greater. The reason was that since Android 4.3 Android OS made some APIs available to send metadata over Bluetooth using a legit API. However, it seems that some devices fail to properly support the new APIs and for that reason we have re-enabled the "HACK" on the latest release.

The "HACK" can be enabled if not already enabled here:

XiiaLive->Settings->App control->AVRCP metadata


AVRCP notification of connection failure

Philip Elcan il y a 8 ans dans Bluetooth / AVRCP mis à jour par Jona (Lead Developer) il y a 8 ans 0

When XiiaLive can't connect to a station, it would be nice to update the AVRCP data to indicate that.

Jona (Lead Developer) il y a 8 ans

It is a very neat idea. I have added this to our ideas/future features. Thanks for sharing!


AVRCP with CM 10.2

Pooya Torabi il y a 8 ans dans Bluetooth / AVRCP mis à jour par Jona (Lead Developer) il y a 8 ans 2

Hi , 

since upgrading to CM 10.2 (Android 4.3) AVRCP has not worked, anyone else is having this issue? it works fine with Apollo Music player or other apps supporting AVRCP just not Xiialive. using the latest Pro version.


Jona (Lead Developer) il y a 8 ans

Since Android 4.3 bluetooth AVRCP metadata is sent via the same APIs used to update the lock screen player. Turning [OFF] lock screen controls will most likely cause metadata to stop being sent over AVRCP.   

Please note that after Android 4.3 having lock screen controls and AVRCP metadata hack turned [ON] could cause issues. Please experiment with those two settings to see how your device behaves.

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Bluetooth AVRCP does not work on my LG Optimus G Pro

Rick Birkett il y a 8 ans dans Bluetooth / AVRCP mis à jour par Jona (Lead Developer) il y a 8 ans 4

It works with other apps, just not XiiaLive Pro. Any Ideas?

Jona (Lead Developer) il y a 8 ans
I have resolved this issue on previous release v3.0.3. Please let me know if this is working properly for you.

Bluetooth connection causes crash (Android 5.x - Lollipop)

Luko Palaveev il y a 6 ans dans Android / Bluetooth mis à jour par Jona (Lead Developer) il y a 5 ans 2
On my Nexus 7 (2013) when connected to bluetooth a2dp device, on the screen pops up a message;
"Unfortunately Xiialive Pro has has stopped".
Jona (Lead Developer) il y a 5 ans

Hey the mentioned issue should be resolved. If for some reason you are still having issues please let us know.