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Under review

Bluetooth AVRCP does not work on my LG Optimus G Pro

Rick Birkett fa 8 anys en Bluetooth / AVRCP updated by Jona (Lead Developer) fa 8 anys 4

It works with other apps, just not XiiaLive Pro. Any Ideas?

I have resolved this issue on previous release v3.0.3. Please let me know if this is working properly for you.
Under review

Alarm doesn't stop

Marco Mendoza fa 9 anys en Android / Alarms updated by Jona (Lead Developer) fa 8 anys 7

When starts the alarm app, the player controls doesn't show the current station and elapsed playing, the playing starts in background and it's impossible shut down or stop the playing off the alarm app until open a task manager app and to force to close xiialive. This happens in ICS 4, the latest version of pro (3.0.1)


Thank you for your bug report. Just to confirm I understand your issue.

When the alarm starts you don't see the player being opened?


Delete alarm

Scot Wilcoxon fa 9 anys en Android / Alarms updated by Jona (Lead Developer) fa 9 anys 0

How do I delete an alarm? I find several ways to edit an alarm, but not how to delete a scheduled alarm. (This becomes important until the New Years Bug is confirmed as being fixed or as only happening on New Years Day.)


To delete an alarm you go into settings->Alarms. Once there long press on the alarm you wish to remove and press remove.

This is definitively an area that needs a bit more of improvement. Thanks for your post.

Under review

XiiaLive Pro becomes unresponsive after BT auto stop

murekepaiva fa 7 anys en Android / Playback updated by Jona (Lead Developer) fa 7 anys 1
My XiiaLive Pro becomes unresponsive after it detects that my bt headphones are no longer in range (auto stop). This started after the update. This happens with Nokia BH-905i, Sennheiser MM 100 and Nokia CK-600. It says "stopping" on the status bar (info bar). Pause/play and stop buttons does not respond. Next and prev buttons changes the station name, but there is no audio. Also the connection notification sounds are not played (bouncing ball). Xiia logo stays in the android notification menu as it was actively playing. Stopping and starting the Xiia process from android menu resolves the issue but this kind of makes the auto start and auto stop feature useless. HTC Desire Z and Android 2.3.3.
Thanks for your feedback. We have released various updates since  your last post. Are you still having similar issues?

If you are what stream engine are you using? Please make sure you are using FFMpeg as your default stream engine under XiiaLive Settings/Stream.


Malcolm Kidd fa 8 anys en Android / Alarms updated by Jona (Lead Developer) fa 8 anys 1

I've been using the free version and like it, but before I purchase the Pro version I have a query about bluetooth. I have a BT speaker which I have been using in connection with my 'phone to wake me up in the morning using the alarm facility in Xiia Live (but plugged into the speaker with a cable ). I leave the BT speaker turned on all night and I am wondering if I set the alarm in Xiia, is it possible to set it to play by bluetooth through the BT speaker when the alarm turns the radio on in the morning ?


There should be no problems setting up an alarm that plays via BT. You should be able to do that with the free and pro versions.  The only thing is you need to make sure to leave the device already paired so that when the alarm is triggered the phone sends the audio output to your BT stereo.


Improve equalizer design

Peter fa 8 anys en Android / Equalizer updated by Jona (Lead Developer) fa 7 anys 0
The equalizer window: the labels are hardly visible, dark black on dark gray,
and I'm not sure if it is obvious, that the presets are accessible thru horizontal slide. I found out. The label presentation does not depend on the design (dark classic, light classic).

Thanks for your feedback. The equalizer is indeed in need of some redesign. Currently the UI is of a neutral skin so it doesn't matter what skin you pick the same design will be shown. We do want to provide skin support for the EQ in the near future.

Bluetooth connection causes crash (Android 5.x - Lollipop)

Luko Palaveev fa 7 anys en Android / Bluetooth updated by Jona (Lead Developer) fa 5 anys 2
On my Nexus 7 (2013) when connected to bluetooth a2dp device, on the screen pops up a message;
"Unfortunately Xiialive Pro has has stopped".

Hey the mentioned issue should be resolved. If for some reason you are still having issues please let us know.

Under review

Favorites and Alarm Lists are empty

ipuertas fa 9 anys en Android / Backup&Restore updated by Jona (Lead Developer) fa 9 anys 0
(Pro Version,, Android 4.0.0, LG Optimus 2x)

When I save a station, or an alarm, they seems to be saved correctly (Alarm works fine and, if I export favorites and open the xml file in text mode, the stations saved are there); but, when I tap in Favorites tab, the list is empty. Restoring the exported xml file again doesn't work (favorites list keeps empty). Same issue happens with Alarms: if I go to Settings>Alarms, list is empty; but, if I schedule an alarm time, it works fine. But I can't manage any alarm (ie, I can't delete or edit them).


Could you email me your backup file? I would like to see if there are any potential issues with it. Send it to xiialive@visualblasters.com.

Under review

xiialive radio with the new fire OS5.

Ben Shelpuk fa 6 anys en Android updated by Rodrigo (Developer) fa 6 anys 1

Can't access xiialive radio with the new fire OS5. . Tell me what to do to restore it.


Hello Ben,

we will check that.



Alarm radio only works if radio is on pause

Stanislas buckley fa 6 anys en Android / Alarms updated by Rodrigo (Developer) fa 6 anys 1

when I plan alarm,it only start with planned radio if it the radio is on pause but it drains the battery. Otherwise, I only get the standard alarm from the mobile phone, the radio does not start anf it shows " network not found" .


Hello Stanislas,

thanks for report this issue. We've included it in the list of issues to fix.

Thanks again.