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Shortcut to "Favorites" from Player screen

Sascha Zimmer 8 years ago updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 7 years ago 8
With the latest version (I assume it's v3) came a big disadvantiage in the new layout: Now you have to swipe the bar on top to the extreme right to get the button for the Favourites. This is a very annoying. In the old version, there was a button on the player stream that led directly to Favorites. I like the new design, nevertheless I will switch back to the older one, wich is unfortunate of course. But this bug is unnerving.
Jona (Lead Developer) 7 years ago

Thanks a lot for your feedback. As you might noticed on recent releases we moved the favorites page to be on the left of the player and history to the right o fit.


We took your recommendation and came up with that simple solution. Now it is a swipe away or a button press on the menu bar to get to favorites.


Please add the function of listening to music from cloud storage!

Innokentiy Ponomarev 9 months ago 0

Please add the function of listening to music from cloud storage!

XiiaLive is great!!!


Xiia Live for Android Auto

Mauro 2 years ago 0

I'm using Xiia Live Pro since many monthes. It works like a charm. Every time I get into my car it opens and starts playing my favourite Internet radio station.

Today I'm trying Android Auto and it has an specific icon for audio playing that only shows Google and Google play music. 

It also has an Android Auto Apps option, but I could not find the way to add Xiia Live Pro to Android Auto.

I think this is a desireable future.


Lollipop App Issues

David Lam 5 years ago updated by Ralph 4 years ago 11
After upgrading Xiialive Pro to the latest version "with Lollipop support," the app has been crashing on my Nexus 6 (running Android 5.0.2) consistently every time my phone tries to reconnect with the car stereo and the music would not auto play. The app crashes with the usual Android crash message "Unfortunately, Xiialive Pro has stopped." I have never gotten this crash before on versions before the Lollipop support was added in, although autoplay on BT on these did not work on my device either. Furthermore, on the latest version I have also been getting a "LICENSING FAILED! We apologize, Xiialive Pro was unable to verify your purchase. Please check to see if a network connection is available. Error -46767." message soon after I try restarting Xiialive Pro. Like the crash, I also never experienced this before until the recent versions. So here are the general sequence of events:

1. Turn on BT on phone
2. Turn on BT on car stereo
3. Wait for phone to connect to car stereo
4. Once connected, wait for Xiialive Pro to crash, dismiss the message, and then start the app
5. Start streaming music (generally the Licensing failed message appears after a couple seconds of playback, in which the music stops, and happens 1-2 times, but goes away after dismissing them a couple times)

As you can see, it gets quite bothersome to start streaming my music since there are so many crashes and interruptions in the way. I have tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it from the Google App store from scratch and that did not fix the issue. Note that this is a legitimate version bought from Google Play, and an Internet connection was indeed available at the time the app was opened (as I said before, I never had this problem until recently.)

Any ideas how these can be resolved?

Jona (Lead Developer) 4 years ago

Hey guys, the mentioned issues should now be resolved. If for some reason you are still having issues please let us know.


Add option to send song info via AVRCP 1.3 on CM roms

Charlie Su 8 years ago updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 8 years ago 25
Since CyanogenMod 7/9 supports AVRCP 1.3, it would be nice if XiiaLive can make use of it to send playback status/song info (if song info are missing then send station name).

I believe this is used mostly on cars where the head unit displays what you're currently playing on your phone via BT A2DP. PlayerPro recently added this feature as well so I'm pretty sure it's doable.

Thanks again for this great player!
Jona (Lead Developer) 8 years ago

AVRCP 1.3 metadata supported on latest release v3.0.1.


Screen resolution for Samsung Tablet

Anonymous 10 years ago updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 9 years ago 5
The actual version does not use the full screen
Jona (Lead Developer) 9 years ago
We currently don't have the screen resolution support on the latest version of xiialive. On the next update we will put a temporary fix for allowing the app to go fullscreen. We like to provide a layout very soon specific to larger screens.

Update 11/02/11:
The current version of XiiaLive allows it to stretch much better on multiple device screens.  However its not perfect for tablets but it makes use of the bigger screen a lot better.  We are looking forward to be able to create the tablet version in the near future.
Under review

too big widget android 2.2.1

Basti 8 years ago updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 8 years ago 2

it is too wide and too long

it hinders the other app and passes over


Android 4.0.2 streaming disconnect and reconnect

Steve Hyman 8 years ago updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 8 years ago 15
Using latest version of Xiia and playing any stream will play for a minute or two and then disconnect and then reconnect. After reconnect it will play for up to 30 seconds then disconnect and then reconnect. This only happens on Android 4.0.2 and the Galaxy Nexus. If the screen does not sleep it will not happen, but on 4.0.2 the screen sleep causes a disconnect, probably to preserve battery.
Try this with WHYY or NPR News as an example.
Jona (Lead Developer) 8 years ago

Update 07/24/12: 

Please let me know if this issue has been resolved with the latest version of XiiaLive Beta. Thanks!

Update 03/14/12:

- This issue seems to be related to Android issue 26654.

- You can post here to get Google to move on this issue fast!

UPDATE 02/28/12:

- I'm still working on resolving this issue.  Thanks everyone for your feedback.


Keep screen on when powered

Jona (Lead Developer) 10 years ago updated 10 years ago 1
Have you guys considered adding an option to keep the screen on when plugged into a power source and playing? Slacker Radio has it and it's an awesome feature, especially when I'm driving and want to see what's currently playing.
Jona (Lead Developer) 10 years ago
Yes! Its a great idea and we have plans for that! :) We hope to have this out very soon!

Invalid url on Jelly Bean

B Ap 8 years ago updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 8 years ago 10

Just installed Xiia on my new Nexus 7 with Jelly Bean.  Nothing will play - I get "Invalid URL" with EVERY stream I have tried, even though the stream works perfectly on my Galaxy Tab 7.7 (running ICS).

I have typed numerous URLs into Xiia on JB but nothing is working.

Any ideas anyone?


Jona (Lead Developer) 8 years ago

New update released with a fix! Please download the latest and let me know if issue has been resolved! Thanks for your patience!