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Under review

Would you consider adding a surround sound effect or 3D effect to the app?

MihaiSmig 7 years ago • updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 7 years ago 0
I used to stream music to my old windows phone via a GSP Player application that had surround sound or 3D effect abilities. The resulting sound was awesome. Would you consider adding this capability to the player?
Jona (Lead Developer) 7 years ago
We would like to add all the supported EQ and sound FX supported by the newer Android OS versions. If these FXs are supported by the OS you should see this feature available soon. Otherwise it might take a little longer to have this feature supported.

AAC Streams stuttering/choppy

haMz 7 years ago • updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 7 years ago 7
Apparently after update v2.1.6 AAC streams have become stutter and choppy after playing for 10 to 30 sec. MPEG streams not affected by this issue

Issue seen on devices:
- Samsung Galaxy S Froyo 2.2.1
- Samsung Vibrant
- Droid
Jona (Lead Developer) 7 years ago

Update v2.1.7 is out now... Please upgrade and let me know if you still have issues...  The issue should be resolved.

Under review

How about making the camera button save the song and artist name along with a timestamp?

Anonymous 8 years ago • updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 8 years ago 0
I often listen while driving alone, meaning I can't (responsibly) take the time to look at the Droid to see the active song listing.
Jona (Lead Developer) 8 years ago
This is actually a good idea... :) We will look it over and see how it feels to have such feature...
Under review

Transmit track information over bluetooth

Mirco Matuscheck 7 years ago • updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 6 years ago 3

Please transmit track information when streaming over bluetooth.

The stock music player on my Samsung Galaxy SII does this perfectly, so it's not an issue of the drivers not supporting this.

Jona (Lead Developer) 7 years ago

Thanks for the info! Yes, this is a great feature.  We have tried in the past but some protocols where not available on Android.  What version of Android is this device running? 


System EQ an XiiaLive

Charly 3 years ago • updated by Rodrigo (Developer) 2 years ago 2
I have a custom ROM with am inbuilt EQ (Viper4Android). With other apps I can disable the app's own EQ and use MusicFX (or whatever they call it). It would be nice if Xiia allow this kind of customization. At the moment is its own EQ or nothing.

Rodrigo (Developer) 2 years ago

Hi Charly,

we will keep your suggestion in mind for next planning releases.

thanks a lot.


Sell to my country (Turkey)

ilgaz.nsa 6 years ago • updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 6 years ago 0
I can't understand why it writes "not available to your country" when I try to purchase application. It can be seriously misunderstood too, it sounds like "we're not selling to Turks".
Never seen the message on any other paid application.
Jona (Lead Developer) 6 years ago
Wow! Good catch! Somehow the Google Play Market had this country set as not allowed to sell!  I have enabled it! Thanks!
Under review

aac ice cream

Aaron O 5 years ago • updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 5 years ago 1

I am using a Droid 4 with Ice Cream Sandwhich. Everytime I try to stream a Shoutcast AAC+ stream, it first buffers for a few seconds, then disconnects. It then attempts to reconnect and repeats the same process. It plays Shoutcast mp3 streams without a problem. I really want to delete Winamp fror Droid and only use Xiia but need to stream AAC+. This is the best player for Droid though! Any ideas how to fix this? if you need any help testing please contact me. thanks!

Jona (Lead Developer) 5 years ago

Can you provide the error message when it is trying to connect and disconnects? You might need to reproduce the issue and collect the logs so that I can figure out what might be happening internally.

Please see this for collecting logs:



Support for Android Auto

oliver 4 months ago 0

I love the app - but it would be even better, if there were support for Android Auto. I think that would be a great feature!

Under review

IPad 2 with IOS 9.3.5. App closes after selecting station

stefan.nierwetberg 6 months ago in iOS • updated by Teddysunrise 2 months ago 6

Hi there, I have downloaded the new Xiia Free version now running om my IPad 2 with IOS 9.3.5. The App opens I can search for stations but when I find one or take one of the suggest d stations from uber or shoutcast the app closes all the time. A Bug?


Add Android auto support

Mike Johanning 8 months ago 0

Adding support for Android auto would be awesome.