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How about shortcuts to a specific favorite stations?

Жасырын 9 year бұрын • updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 8 year бұрын 5
I would love to see shortcuts to my favorite stations. That way, I could have a collection of shortcuts such that with one tap I could start listening to specific stations while driving.

Thank you!
Jona (Lead Developer) 8 year бұрын
Favorites shortcuts are available for paid version.

To add a shortcut:
1. Long press the home screen and hit shortcuts.
2. Find xiialive favorites icon and press it. That will take you to the favorites list.
3. Choose the station you like and a bottom edit box will show to allow you to change the title of the shortcut.
4. Click accept and that's it!
Not a bug

HTC Wildfire stutters audio when screen locks.

ChrusG 9 year бұрын • updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 5 year бұрын 52
My HTC Wildfire slows down the cpu when the screen locks, which causes the audio to stutter. But I still would like to "lock" the screen so as not to accidentally touch it. Also dim or turn off the screen backlight to save battery too if possible?
Jona (Lead Developer) 5 year бұрын
I'm officially closing this bug. We have tried various ways to make this work and its just a device problem. Also, the latest release of XiiaLive v3.2.0 no longer supports this device. We now support Android 2.3 and greater. Sorry for any inconvenience it might cause some of you.
Will be answered

Add Amazon MP3 integration for tagged tracks.

Жасырын 9 year бұрын • updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 9 year бұрын 0
It would be cool if I could just find the album on the amazon store with a single click from the tagged tracks list.
Jona (Lead Developer) 9 year бұрын
This is a great idea! We definitely want to give this option to our users. :) Thanks for your feedback!

Add capability to work as a media app with Android Auto

l1128562 3 year бұрын 0

I use Android Auto app while driving, (https://www.android.com/auto/) They have the ability to add Media Apps, of which there are a lot. Would be nice if XiiaLive was one of them.


Is xiialive still under development?

Philipp 8 ай бұрын • updated by Philipp Greben 4 ай бұрын 3


There are no updates for xiialive since very long time and the homepage is no longer reachable. 

Therefore, I think that xiialive will not be further developed and that the developers will let the project die.

Can anybody confirm this? I would be very sorry if it is so.

Although the player works great, I miss features like Android Auto support or the ability to sort the favorites list.


Application does not display properly on screens with increased DPI

DrMacinyasha 9 year бұрын • updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 8 year бұрын 9
If one increases their screen's DPI by editing the ro.sf.lcd_density entry (to 200 from 240 in my case) within /system/build.prop, the application does not show properly, as seen here:
Jona (Lead Developer) 8 year бұрын
Thanks for the feedback! How are other apps showing? Same issue? We have tested on some emulators with a particular normal screen size but higher dpi and ran into similar issues. We believe this is something to do with Android specifications: http://developer.android.com/guide/practices/screens_support.html#range

Regardless we definitely need to dive in to the layout issues and understand why things are working like they are now...

Update 11/02/11:
Issue has been resolved in current version of XiiaLive.

Connections problems on Droid X after Android 2.2 "Froyo" Uprgrade.

Жасырын 9 year бұрын • updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 6 year бұрын 11
Streams constantly stop after not even playing for 15 - 20 seconds. Did not have problem prior to upgrade.
Jona (Lead Developer) 6 year бұрын
Closing this post as it is an old post and newer version of Android have resolved various issues.

recommended channels

Basti 7 year бұрын • updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 6 year бұрын 0

tuned to my favorites list, and also be divided into several genres if I have several of genres in my Favorites.

Jona (Lead Developer) 6 year бұрын
In the near future we want to add a new way for organizing your favorites. That will allow you to create "folders" to place favorites inside.

Shortcut to "Favorites" from Player screen

Sascha Zimmer 7 year бұрын • updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 6 year бұрын 8
With the latest version (I assume it's v3) came a big disadvantiage in the new layout: Now you have to swipe the bar on top to the extreme right to get the button for the Favourites. This is a very annoying. In the old version, there was a button on the player stream that led directly to Favorites. I like the new design, nevertheless I will switch back to the older one, wich is unfortunate of course. But this bug is unnerving.
Jona (Lead Developer) 6 year бұрын

Thanks a lot for your feedback. As you might noticed on recent releases we moved the favorites page to be on the left of the player and history to the right o fit.


We took your recommendation and came up with that simple solution. Now it is a swipe away or a button press on the menu bar to get to favorites.


Android Auto

brkcanuck 10 ай бұрын 0

I'd love to see XIAA for Android Auto. It's the one media player I use regularly. Wish I didn't have to disconnect from Android Auto to make it work in the native Android UI. Even if it was the paid version, I'd buy it.