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chromecast support

Todd Morrison 11 aastat tagasi uuendaja Stephen Ralph 2 aastat tagasi 87 1 duplikaat
Love this app. But, am looking to use it with ChromeCast.
Please work with google to add chromecast support.
Jona (Lead Developer) 8 aastat tagasi

Hey Guys, I thought I better post something here since I realize my last post was... 2 years ago! :(

So I did look into it back then but got completely off tracked with other work. I apologize for not being able to deliver this feature up to this date. I really want to add it but time is not on my side. I will continue to set this as planned since I do want to get to it soon or later.


Add recording feature

Butch Handy 11 aastat tagasi Android / Recording uuendaja Roman Jay Almaza 3 aastat tagasi 20 2 duplikaadid
I searched the old posts, and see that numerous people have asked about the ability to record the broadcasts.  In a few of the posts, you replied that something new may be happening, or you had some ideas.

Well...those posts are 2 years old.  What has happened?  

I would love to use your app more if I was given the ability to record while on wifi, and then take my phone with me and listen to it on the road.  I drive about two hours a day, and that would just use up WAY too much of my data plan to use your app through my mobile data during that time.

Jona (Lead Developer) 9 aastat tagasi

We have wanted to have recording for the longest I admit! The main issue is not enough resources to get it done quickly. Its always been one developer, me, doing support and coding :P But... I'm already actively planning and writing code to be able to record.

It would be great to hear how you envision the recording feature to work on XiiaLive. It's one of the features I'm excited about since it covers a lot of new code and a new improved stream engine.


Maximum buffer size?

Anonüümne 14 aastat tagasi uuendaja jupynnin 9 aastat tagasi 34
I was wondering what's the maximum buffer size on XiiaLive. It says you can increase it in the "pro" version, but I'm wondering what's the maximum size for it. Can i make it 10 minutes? Cool feature would be to be able to schedule start time (for example start buffering 10 minutes on workdays at 7am or similar, so when you drive to work, you won't have any buffering during whole trip).
Jona (Lead Developer) 13 aastat tagasi

The current maximum buffer size is 10 seconds for devices running Android 2.2 and 30 seconds older Android versions. Yes, its definitely not big enough! :( So, we do have plans to make it bigger maybe up to 60 seconds. Besides that, we actually are thinking of some new idea, that I can't disclose now, that will most certainly resolve your issues... :)

Update 05/13/11:

XiiaLive v2.1.8 now supports a larger buffer! :)


XiiaLive seizes headset away from other playing apps

dnanian 13 aastat tagasi uuendaja Jona (Lead Developer) 11 aastat tagasi 56 1 duplikaat

The latest update (2.1.8) seizes the headphone button even when XiiaLive isn't frontmost/playing. So, every press causes XiiaLive to play/stop, even when you're listening to another app (eg DoggCatcher).

Jona (Lead Developer) 13 aastat tagasi

Note that the default settings are set to control media playback aggressively. You can easily disable that by going to settings -> User Experience and setting Media Controls to OFF. Please try that and let me know if that resolves the issue.

Update 05/15/11:

We are working to resolve this issue and have an update in the next 1-2 weeks.

Update 05/16/11:

Issue has been resolved! I believe it works even better than before. This will be on the next update coming next week.

Media controls new option details:

ON: Will work as it does now.  If you haven't noticed I believe this currently works better than before. I haven't seen other apps starting up when pressing play. If you did let me know! :)

OFF: XiiaLive will not handle media controls unless you are currently streaming.

Update 05/20/11:

v2.1.9 is out and resolved this issue! :) Thanks for your patience!


Issues with AAC+ streams on Android 2.3

David Wollmann 14 aastat tagasi uuendaja Jona (Lead Developer) 13 aastat tagasi 45
AAC+ playback doesn't work on Nexus S Gingerbread. Symptom is connect/disconnect several times, then it gives up. No playback at all.
Jona (Lead Developer) 13 aastat tagasi

After investigating the issue it appears that this is an issue with Android. AAC streams are played over RTSP and currently Android 2.3 seems to have broken RTSP functionality. Please see the following link:

We are waiting for further response from the Android Team.

Update 05/05/11:

Seems like the AAC issue with Android 2.3 have been resolved on the next upcoming update 2.3.4. Thanks to everyone that confirmed this.

Will be answered

Is there a way to edit my favorites list throught a text editor?

Anonüümne 14 aastat tagasi uuendaja Roman Jay Almaza 3 aastat tagasi 16
A have a long list of favorites in a .txt and I want to add just copying it to XiiaLive. Is there a way to do this?
Jona (Lead Developer) 11 aastat tagasi
There is currently no way of doing that. It's a great idea to have something to import your favorites from other sources. We will keep this idea in mind and try to come up with a good solution.

Alarm function

Anonüümne 14 aastat tagasi uuendaja Jona (Lead Developer) 12 aastat tagasi 7
Is it possible to add an alarm function or build a Locale plugin to start Xiialive at a defined time?
Jona (Lead Developer) 12 aastat tagasi
Alarm feature is now part of XiiaLive v3.0.0! 

Support for Android Auto

oliver 7 aastat tagasi uuendaja nadialilianvilla 6 aastat tagasi 1

I love the app - but it would be even better, if there were support for Android Auto. I think that would be a great feature!


pc version

José Rafael Torres 13 aastat tagasi uuendaja miplar 6 aastat tagasi 14 1 duplikaat

what abbout a version for pc linux like debian, fedora, etc... have you thought of make one?

Ralph 8 aastat tagasi

Hi Lukie! This is really nice to have on your PC. Our developers have been testing a porting method to use the app via Chrome browser. No ETA or promises just looking into it. Thank you!


Sprint Android Devices Streaming Issues FIX.

Steve Cornell 14 aastat tagasi uuendaja Jona (Lead Developer) 13 aastat tagasi 70 7 duplikaadid
There are a few Sprint devices on which streaming has been disabled.

- Samsung Transform
- Possibly other phones too
Jona (Lead Developer) 13 aastat tagasi

Sprint has disabled online radio streaming on their Android devices. Up to now that includes the HTC EVO and Samsung Transform.

This issue is seen on other streaming applications too. Note that AAC/AAC+ streams are not affected and can play normally without any issues. In order to stream MP3 streams you need to be connected to WIFI.


FIX #1: (tip sent by Keith)
Contact Sprint they will be able to send the phone a prl update which removes the proxy server changes made by previous OTA. Make sure to call from a different phone so the update gets sent properly.

FIX #2: (sent by Arturo)
1. Go to phone dial and type ##3282# 

"there is no need to push call button after. If that did nothing restart your phone and try again"
2. Choose edit mode
3. Put in password. 

"You can get the password by calling Sprint and asking for MSL code, or password for ##3282#, they should give it to you."
4. Choose Advanced
5. Change HTTP PD Proxy Port to: 0
6. Change HTTP PD Proxy Address to:



***DISCLAIMER! Be very careful not changing anything else than what is suggested here. NOTE that we are not responsible for any issue that you might have with your phone. ***

**Sprint is aware of the mess up...