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Is it possible the app could automatically play a stream when started?

Anonymous 9 years ago • updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 9 years ago 1
Would love to use it as a clock radio of a morning. No problem getting the app to start automatically, but having problems getting it to automatically play a stream.

Thanks for the consideration!
Jona (Lead Developer) 9 years ago
Currently it is not possible to start up the app and get music going right away... It is a great idea and we will add it to our list! :) Alarm clock is also something we like to get going in the near future...

Ability to Sync Favorites, Recently Played, etc across multiple devices.

Matt Schepp 6 years ago in Android / Backup&Restore • updated by Mike Steidl 4 years ago 7
Just recently got an Android Tablet.. and have been using this app for years on my phone.

Is there anyway to sync your favorites, etc across multiple devices, or could you add such feature?  (Maybe even as a PRO Feature?)

Jona (Lead Developer) 4 years ago

Great request! We have already started this feature development. Definitively is a feature we really want to have specially for cases you are mentioning. We currently don't have an expected release date for this feature but for sure you will see it on XiiaLive!

Will be answered

android 3.x (honeycomb) suppor for lager screens

Chris S. 8 years ago • updated by Tim M 8 years ago 1
please add support for android 3.x 
Tim M 8 years ago
This is definitely on our plans :)
Is there any special features you would like to see on a larger screen?

Xiia Live for Android Auto

Mauro 10 months ago 0

I'm using Xiia Live Pro since many monthes. It works like a charm. Every time I get into my car it opens and starts playing my favourite Internet radio station.

Today I'm trying Android Auto and it has an specific icon for audio playing that only shows Google and Google play music. 

It also has an Android Auto Apps option, but I could not find the way to add Xiia Live Pro to Android Auto.

I think this is a desireable future.


Cannot seek in the Seekbar

Bob Trentington 6 years ago • updated by CvsRadio1 - Reggae Jam 2 years ago 36

I have a Verizon Glaxay Nexus and it seems that ever since I upgraded to Android 4.2.2 I can no longer seek correctly with the Seekbar. Any time I go to move the bar to any location of buffered music it always goes back to the begining of the stream. The Seekbar does fill and the metadata points are still there. I have the Stream engine set to Android since that's the only setting that works (even before when I was on Android 4.1). If I have it set to FFMpeg no stations will connect also the same when I was on Android 4.1.

Jona (Lead Developer) 5 years ago
Please note that the media seeking issues was seen on older versions of XiiaLive. If you have installed v3.2.0 or greater this issue should no longer be happening unless you have selected the Android stream engine. You can check what stream engine you have selected by going under XiiaLive Settings/Stream.

licence verification issue when not on wifi

Sebastien Vayrette-Gavard 4 years ago in Android • updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 6
1What device do you have?
nexus 5
What OS version is it running?
What happened?
licence can't be verified when not on wifi
What did you expect to have happened?
my radio station to play
What steps reproduce the issue?
use any connection but wifi
Jona (Lead Developer) 3 years ago

Hey guys, the mentioned issues should be resolved. If for some reason you are still having issues please let us know.

Under review

Streaming stuttering when screen is locked ICS 4.0.4

solo9999 7 years ago • updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 7 years ago 10

Running XiiaLive 2.2.4 on ICS 4.0.4, Samsung Galaxy Nexus CDMA. When I lock my screen, audio starts stuttering. Internal stream engine is disabled. Streaming 64 kbps from http://yp.shoutcast.com/sbin/tunein-station.pls?id=337675. Tried install / reinstall. 

Any ideas?
Jona (Lead Developer) 7 years ago
There is currently and issue with Android 4.x in regards to streaming. When the screen is shutdown the network speed is slowed down and sometimes completely turned off.  This is most likely the issue.

Related Android bug:
Will be answered

Choose application's language

Anonymous 9 years ago • updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 9 years ago 0
Please give us possibility to choose application's language.

I.e. italian version is translated at only 50% (by some software and not human it seems) and translation's quality is very crappy.

It would be really nice to be able to choose english language in application settings.

Thank You
Jona (Lead Developer) 9 years ago
This is a great idea we did have in our plans but haven't provided that option yet. If you like to contribute with translation please let us know! :)
Will be answered

Add share all option for tags and favorites

gmd 8 years ago • updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 8 years ago 7
It's tiresome to send such information one at a time when you have an extensive list. Users will appreciate this as an alternative means to backup their lists, if sd cards somehow fail. It's not easy to restore such data once lost.
Jona (Lead Developer) 8 years ago

Thanks for your feedback! This is an area we really like to expand very soon! We have some great ideas and hope we can have them implemented very soon.

Update 05/09/11:

- Update v2.1.8 will have option to share the entire tag list.

Update 05/18/11:

- v2.1.8 no supports sharing all your tags.

Update 05/20/11:

- v2.1.9 is out and adds share all option for tags.

Under review

Swap station and artist/title screen locations.

newman 9 years ago • updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 9 years ago 0
The station changes infrequently. The song title and artist change more frequently. You devote much more screen real-estate to the former when devoting it to the latter would be much more useful, especially in a mobile environment.
Jona (Lead Developer) 9 years ago
Thanks for your suggestion! It definitely makes sense! I'll discuss with graphics designer see what we can come up with...