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Under review

Umlaute station name

Peter 4 years ago • updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 4 years ago 0
It does not display Umlaute, like ü in Zürich, in the station name.
The three screen shots are:
XiiaLive Pro, FFMpeg streaming (wrong)
XiiaLive Pro, Android streaming (correct)
XiiaLive Beta, FFMpeg streaming (wrong, yet different)
Character encoding settings have been automatic, but UTF-8 gives the same result.

Jona (Lead Developer) 4 years ago
Thanks for the info! It really helps all the info you have provided. I will try to investigate and see what is going on.

XiiaLive Pro fails to install

Marc Jefferson 6 years ago • updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 5 years ago 0
My purchase won't install to my samsung gravity. I purchased it through the android app market. It won't refund my purchase either. I have checked all caches and still need help
Jona (Lead Developer) 5 years ago

This has been an issue with older versions of GooglePlay. I hope the issue was resolved.

Under review

wabc in ny

Ronald609 7 years ago • updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 7 years ago 0
The station doesn't appear anymore. What happened?

Malicious Ads Displayed Within Xiialive

Razvan Terenche 5 years ago • updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 5 years ago 0

Hi there,

Xiialive application recently started displaying malicious ads through the adware framework it uses. I just couldn't find any way to report these ads or mark them as malicious.

I attached a screenshot with it. The UI is in Romanian and the malicious ad at the bottom says: "Detected (1) virus! Scan and remove now! "

Best regards,


Jona (Lead Developer) 5 years ago

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I will report this to our advertising partner.

Under review

Bluetooth won't work and can't connect to AAC

csub 7 years ago • updated by Tim M 7 years ago 0
Tim M 7 years ago
Make sure you first pair your bluetooth device to your phone. It should be somewhere like >settings >wireless & networks >bluetooth settings. Once the device is pair to your device, you should see it on Xiialive settings.
>settings >advanced users >bluetooth options

About the aac not working...
What phone and android version do you have?
Try turning the internal stream engine by going to >settings >advance users
The internal engine is in beta state so it might work great for you or it might have some issues.
Currently the track artist/title isn't shown but we should have an update, hopefully, this month that will fix that.

how to connect Bluetooth

deonharrison 7 years ago • updated by Tim M 7 years ago 0
Tim M 7 years ago

If you haven't already, first pair your device with your phone. You can do this by going to your phones settings and then pressing on "wireless & networks".

Once your device is paired up with your phone, you can use it with Xiialive.

First go to >settings >advaced users >bluetooth optioins. 

If your device was successfully connected to your phone it will show up there.

You can then press it for more options. 


Backup / Restore Favorite List

Martin Di Benedetto 7 years ago • updated by Tim M 7 years ago 0

Where are the file backup in SD Card? I can´t find it, I made my list of favorites and backup it, but I want copy the list to my PC for security...


Tim M 7 years ago

The file can be found on the root of your sd card. It's called "dliveBk.dat"

You can also long press on a favorite or tagged song and share it(send it to your email). 

Under review

Restore fails to restore stations

deaddmail 6 years ago • updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 6 years ago 2

I have manually entered stations.  And have done the backup procedure.

I have then restored from the back and had the stations disappear from the favorites.  I have taken the backup.dat and opened in a NOTEPAD to see the stations but the dont show in the app under favorites

Jona (Lead Developer) 6 years ago

So you are having issues restoring your previous backup? You won't be able to see anything when opening the .dat file on notepad. It's a database type file.  Could you email me the backup so that I can take a look to try to figure out what is going on?  Send it here: jona@visualblasters.com


XiiaLive v3.0.2.3 - release notes

Jona (Lead Developer) 5 years ago • updated 5 years ago 0


- Station shortcut setting to avoid opening the app.

- New auto connect to FREE WiFi/Hotspot. Powered by Boingo!


- Modified player volume sensitivity.

- Improved accessibility support for blind people.

- Improved compatibility with older Android devices.

- Player more options popup height too small for higher density devices.

- Beta local file playback.

- Lockscreen control PREV/NEXT comply with player ctrl settings.

- Minor changes to SCAN stations feature.

- Updated Facebook SDK to latest version.

- Added support for latest Twitter APIs.


- Playback restarts when seeking on Nexus4 and Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

- Fixed few crash issues.

- Station editor does not save changes when adding a new station via Add URL wizard.

Not a bug

XiiaLive does not work when connected using Bluetooth Tether

Charlie Su 5 years ago • updated by Jona (Lead Developer) 5 years ago 3

When my device is connected to the Internet through Bluetooth tether, It won't connect to any stream as if there's no Internet connection. Other apps, such as browser, youtube, play store, etc. works normally.

I have a nexus 7 with CM10.1 4.2.2

Thanks for your continuous support and excellent work on this app!

Jona (Lead Developer) 5 years ago

Hey thanks for the feedback! Are you using the FFmpeg stream engine? If you are can you test with the Android stream engine? If you aren't using FFmpeg stream engine could you try streaming AAC and MPEG content so see if any of those formats are played correctly?

Also, are you able to search for stations while using BT tether?